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Silversons Real Estate Chatter - Your 2-minute take

What does it take to be a GREAT agent?

Buying, selling, renting, and everything else in the real estate business takes knowledge of the process and experience. But beyond a license and knowledge, a good real estate professional is someone who is personable, trustworthy, and has the resources and tools to get a deal done. Here are some of the top qualities that we think make a great agent:

1) Honesty and Integrity

Honesty and integrity are the foremost important qualities of a good real estate agent. A good agent puts their clients’ interests first. Period. Buyers generally want an agent who understands and respects their needs and wants, rather than pushes them towards a pre-conceived direction. They also expect that an agent would perform the same level of due diligence and negotiate as fiercely as if this was their home being bought or sold.

2) Knowledge and Expertise

Of course, an agent needs to know their market really well. Local agents know more details about local developments & happenings of specific neighborhoods and can help a client understand the factors that make up an area, such as walkability and noise levels. Expertise in all steps of buying & selling makes the process go smoothly and timely, which can be essential in closing a transaction.

3) Negotiation Skills

A great agent understands the negotiation process, from how and when to negotiate and can get creative about solutions in negotiating a deal. The agent needs to be able to diplomatically push for better terms or to make requests on their clients’ behalf even if the answer is likely to be "No".

4) Dedication and Communication

Dedication and persistence are very important. An agent needs to be “present” with each client and each deal. Responsiveness and timely communication are a big part of their job. They must also show their clients that they are sincere and care about getting them the best deal for them.

5) Experience

Experience matters. And that means an agent has a track record of success. Years in the business, number of homes sold each year and even a personal experience, such as sale/purchase of their own property. Experience in the entire process of buying and selling, from the negotiation, marketing, escrow stages to contractual process. A broker who has strategies on how to navigate a competitive market is valuable to a client.

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