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Selling Your Property - Prep Tips

Thinking of selling your home whether it’s vacant, occupied or one that has been rented?  Consider the following tips. Before starting any project, speak to a realtor about what needs to be done verses what you think needs to be done. First de-clutter and set up piles that are will be donated or discarded. focus on organizing paper work and interior space. Designate an area of the house as storage for things that one is keeping. Make obvious repairs is also important.  Deep cleaning is a last step before marketing the property. If furniture is old and dated or if the house is vacant consider staging it with contemporary furniture. Today’s buyer prefers a modern contemporary flair. The exterior of the house is as important as the interior. Having an appealing, well maintained exterior is important. Painting the exterior, power washing, repairing the deck/patio, and cleaning up the lawn are important. Pruning trees, shrubs and planting flowers all add curb appeal. A pre-inspection is being proactive to identify possible issues/problems with the house prior to selling it. The inspection report will detail all areas inside and outside the home. Before listing your home, your realtor should check with the local municipality to find out if there are any open permits, violations, certificate of occupancy, additions, decks, patios, pools etc.  Knowing up front and dealing with any municipal and environmental issues such as legalizing a deck, addition or removing an underground oil tank prevents delays in closing. Silversons Realty is here to assist you in selling or buying. Please call for a free consultation.

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