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Selling: Small Things to Attract Buyers!

Spring has sprung and if you are looking to sell and attract first time home buyers or millennials, you may want to consider these ideas. These minor changes may help your home sell compared to other homes that are outdated. Make sure your front  front door is inviting and has curb appeal. Replacing or painting your door if necessary. Ask your local nursery what plants, shrubs, and flowers will spruce up your homes. It’s 2019 and technology is key! Consider transitioning from an old thermostat to a thermostat that you can control from a smart device. This gives one the ability to regulate the temperature on the go no matter where life takes you. Think about upgrading the generic doorbell and go with something interactive.  This allows anyone to answer the door whether one is home or on the go. Plus, one can see who’s at the door via any smart device. You can find these tech savvy products at your local hardware store, online or a retail chain. Check out the lighting in the home. Walk around and take an inventory of what bulbs need to be replaced and what fixtures may need updating. Update fixtures to make them more modern and contemporary. Telecommuting has become big. Many buyers may be looking for a dedicated office or an alcove area that they can use. Make sure the closets are clean and there aren’t clothes on the floor. Take out any clothes that no longer wear and donate them. You may also want to think about adding bins and/or add shelving to create more space. This may make the closet feel bigger and more inviting to a buyer. Many buyers enjoy the look and feel of hardwood floors. If you have carpet in certain areas of the house, consider pulling it up if the floors underneath are in good condition. Re-paint rooms with neutral colors. The bright purple that you love may be an eye sore to some buyers. The idea is create a warm space that a buyer can envision living there. Silversons Realty is ready to assist you in the selling process. Please call us at 914-725-9344 or email us at You may also visit our website at

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