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Finding the Right Real Estate Agent in Today's Market!

The ebbs and flows from the stock market to the real estate market, leave many wondering if now is a good time to purchase a home. However the interest rate rise and possible future ones in 2019 may motivate some to buy sooner than later. Many buyers start off by searching online and quickly become overwhelmed with the vast inventory of homes and the many different communities.  Part of the home search process is finding a realtor, a skilled professional  who is an also an expert in the community.  Many communities in Southern Westchester have different amenities such as recreation, parks, pools, and parking at the train. etc. When you search online, this information may not be readily available. This is why it is best to find a local real estate agent with first hand knowledge of a community.  Local agents know the area, know what’s happening in the real estate market with respect to inventory, what’s coming soon to the market and values. Besides familiarity with a community, what are the qualities of a good realtor?  Many people often will refer their friends or family members and some refer those who are new to the industry. They may be enthusiastic and energetic and even have  experience in another business but don’t have the skill set to handle a real estate transaction. A skilled realtor will know the process and often has relationships with other local realtors.  Although the  process is similar, each one is a bit different with regard to terms, different personalities and a different “tempo”. One has to know how to handle objections, multiple offers,  when to be “pleasantly” aggressive and when to wait. It’s important to be experienced negotiating under all market conditions and with many personalities.  In addition, the realtor should be available to you by text, email and phone. They should be available to meet with you.  Many realtors today work on a team rather than solo.  Both models have their pluses and minuses.  A team will typically have several agents each having a different function such as a showing agent, a closing agent and one who handles the negotiations. Theoretically there is someone always available to the client. The negative is that too many people are involved in one transaction.  You don’t want to end up bouncing around the team and feeling frustrated that your texts, emails or calls  go unanswered.  With a single realtor, that person is responsible for showing the properties, negotiating, being at the inspection, appraisal and walk through, connecting with the attorney, mortgage broker and understanding the buyer’s needs from start to finish.   After you have found the right agent, review your need and want lists, price points and get  pre-qualified. They will ask if you want land, the style of home, square footage, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and if you will renovate the home vs one that is move-in ready. Be specific in what you want in a home. If your agent is part of a team, make sure that you are clear on whom you speak with and who will be showing you homes. Finally organize your team with a home inspector/engineer and real estate attorney.   Silversons Realty LLC is here to assist you in your real estate need. Call us a call in the office at 914-725-9344 If you are busy on the go email us at and visit our website at We want to hear from you!

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