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Before Selling: The Exterior is as important as the Interior!

Many buyers are taking advantage of the real estate market and are already looking to find their dream home. Despite the winter weather, focus on curb appeal, as this first thing that a buyer sees online and/or in person. Creating a peaceful, organized and inviting welcome is important. The front door can act as a welcoming tool for energy and opportunity. If your front door is visible from the street  it is move inviting compared to a door that his hidden by bushes or trees. Have it freshly painted in a bright color or varnished if wood. Also the house number should be readable from the home. Consider adding plant life to your walkway and speak to a local landscaping company to see this is possible during the winter. Also one should check your roof and make any replacements to cracked or missing tiles if it’s a slate or tile roof. Walkways should also be maintained. Any loose mortar or joints should be repaired to avoid tripping hazards. If the outside of your home has chipping or peeling paint, get an estimate on how much it would cost to paint. Power washing will also help. Clean up any debris around the lawn. During the winter time, tree branches may fall due to ice or snow.  Keeping your lawn clean adds great curb appeal to the buyer’s eye. Take a good look around your garage and figure out what you need to keep, trash or donate. An open and clean space adds good Feng Shui. Buyers are able to see the space and figure out their storage needs. Silversons Realty is here to assist you in all your real estate needs.

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