Located in Greenburgh, NY and 20 miles north of New York City, it is believed that the village of Hartsdale played a crucial role in a Revolutionary War.  As a small farm town during Revolutionary times, Hartsdale has somewhat maintained its identity nowadays with two fully functioning farms.

Hartsdale has the advantages of being close to a metropolitan area for shopping and restaurants.  Offering a myriad of housing options, ranging from affordable apartments to comfortable residential properties, Hartsdale is a commuter friendly area with a tight-knit neighborhood.  One such community is Poet’s Corner, a quiet residential enclave near private schools, recreation and convenient to highways.



  • Highview School
  • Lee F. Jackson School
  • Richard J. Bailey School


  • Woodlands Middle School
  • Woodlands High School

For information about parking and train stations in Hartsdale, call 914-723-1026.

Photo Gallery of Hartsdale

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